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Community Events, Outdoor Activities, sports, health conscious recipes, restaurants, educational opportunities, art, lectures, workshops, good books, magazines, online resources, anything promoting a healthy lifestyle..

Farming, gardening, beach cleanups, reforestation projects, natural landscaping, recycling drives, camping, surfing, hiking, fishing, anything that allows us to enjoy our natural surrounding and promoting a healthy environment..

Locally owned businesses, businesses and organizations that provide green products or services, businesses that have made an effort to reduce their energy needs or have made investments in renewable energy to supply their needs, developments in state/federal legislation, anything promoting a healthy local economy..

Your own ideas of things to blog - post - photograph - and share on, let's keep this list going (:

Green On!

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OK... well I just did, hope you like my contributions!

But Clayton, Is there a way to set it up so that my automatically boosts to green hawaii? Just like I do to facebook?


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