Tricopolymer technology on a molecular level is natural, biochemical sophistication at it's best. It is a combination of technology, bio-chemical research, and natures own substances in symbiotic perfection. Our Tricopolymer liquid recipe combines high covalent bonds and a long chained matrix of complex, three dimensional webbing. Out of thousands of natural polymers, which scientific studies state will hold up for a human lifetime, six in just the right combination and proper balance was found to achieve an environmentally perfect bio-seal. Out of this technology, years of research and testing, the worlds first Tricopolymer barrier liquid, was created by Mike Berry in 1995. Non-toxic, Organic, made of tree, plant and minerals, with no extra additives, just six organic polymers. It is essentially, a natural, lab created 'skin' for wood, metal, concrete, drywall and most all building materials, which protects them like alligator skin. Under a microscope, the Trycopolymer liquid forms a pyramid matrix, which is known as one of natures perfectly strong patterns. It protects materials from any water issues, solidifies their strength and prolongs their lifespan much longer than materials not treated. The Tricopolymer liquid, under a microscope, is similar to a sheet of flexible concrete drenched with miles of barbed-wire. With high adhesion qualities, Upon drying, it shrinks, tightening and encapsulating the surface, creating a strong, durable, elastomeric, long lasting bio-protectant in which nothing under it can live. It prevents building materials, like engineered wood, pt and borate treated woods, from gassing off and leaching. Inhibiting mold growth and providing superior moisture protection with scientifically tested results, our products are a truly revolutionary eco-primer and sealant coatings.

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Excellent Product.

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October 2015

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