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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (6/26/09)

On Friday, the offline team drove down to Pahala to pick up aluminum roofing at Matty's house (he's our other supervisor). The drive took about a few hours from start to finish and back again. They then arrived at the Atlus Recycling center to drop off the aluminum roofing. Everyone did great job that day with the help of one of our online members taking pictures of their activities.

Moving the roof...…


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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (6/25/09)

Heading to Moku's Farm was the labor group's task on Thurday. It was another taro and basil harvesting job for them. After that they all drove to Brent's house. For the rest of the day everyone had to pot taro before returning to the Innovation Center.

They seem to be working hard...

Now they're planting some… Continue

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Can you help me come up with a catchy name for my new Green Biz Class Series?

I seriously need help naming my new Green Business Coaching Group. That name is just too big and foreign and not marketable. I have re-worked the Group from a 6 month coaching group into a leaner 3 month class/group. Based on feedback from my current group I have refined the concept to better meet people’s needs. Now I need a witty, catchy name!

See my blog post here for my ideas and request for help. You can have… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (6/24/09)

On Wednesday, the offline group drove to the UH Pacific Aquaculture and Resources Center for a change of pace. There, with the help of our friend Joe, everyone learned how to pick and sort out taro. They all helped with cutting off the leaves and removing the roots. And it turns out that you can use the remaining stem to replant the taro back into the ground. After a few hours of continuously doing that, the group returned to the Innovation Center to report their activities for the… Continue

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Rail to Increase Green Development

While the potential routes, technologies and costs of the City and County of Honolulu’s rail project remain hot button issues, the decisions that are ultimately made will effect the greening of Honolulu.

Rail projects across the country have spurned transit-oriented development projects, many of which include LEED certified buildings and other green developments. Transit Oriented Development is typically defined as development within a quarter to a half a mile of a transit stop,… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (6/23/09)

Tuesday was a day full of tedious work. The labor team drove up to Nanawale again to work on Mark's Earthship. They needed to mix cement out of various materials such as: red and black cinder, gravel, water, and cement mix. After that, they would add the cement into woven plastic bags and stack them up to create a foundation.

Unfortunately back at the UH Innovation Center the internet connection was down, so not much work could be completed. But we were able to post a few blogs… Continue

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The Green Collar Technology Work Group

Ever since we began our summer work at Green Collar Technology, there's been so many activities going on. Our company is divided into two groups (online and offline) and each of us have individual tasks to complete. The offline group travels around Hilo to do hands-on jobs in the field (such as collecting, planting taro, etc.), while the online group works in the office to collect information about their progress and promote their achievements.

Our main goal is to create more green… Continue

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O'ahu Filmmaker and Farmer join forces on Sustainable Agriculture Film

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

"They're soft, almost cuddly!" wisecracks organic farmer Glenn Martinez as he displays a handful of wiggling worms to the video camera. "and they're eating my garbage!"

"Olomana Gardens Permaculture and Aquaponics" takes viewers on an in depth tour of this certified organic demonstration farm. In this 60 minute film we learn about permaculture as practiced at Olomana Gardens in Waimanalo.

Permaculture is basically about reducing… Continue

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Podcast interview with Josh Tickell, Director of the film FUEL

In this podcast I interview Josh Tickell, Director of the film FUEL. FUEL is a film about our national addiction to oil and the influence fossil fuel has on our health, our economy and our foreign policy. Josh Tickell uses his story to tell our story. The film has appearances by Sheryl Crow, Woody Harrelson, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Bill Clinton and others. The film lays out the problems and the solutions-… Continue

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Reef Fish Are Not Ornaments

Petition Overview

Target: Gov. Linda Lingle & Chief Policy Advisor Linda Smith

Sponsored by: Hawaii Reef Fish Recovery Project

Every year, millions of reef animals are collected on Hawaii reefs and shipped to the mainland U.S., Europe and Asia for the aquarium hobby, aka "marine ornamental" hobby. Mortality rates in the hobby are astronomical. Many die in collection. Many more die in transit. One… Continue

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Going Green with Andrea Dean: An interview with Scott & Jennifer from Tr3ees

Check it out at

or subscribe to the podcast on itunes.

In this podcast I interview Scott Saville and Jennifer Homcy from Tr3ees. Tr3ees specializes in the design and production of sustainable, zero waste events. They also do consulting for businesses, helping companies to… Continue

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Mandating Green vs. Incentivizing Green

I posted this blog entry last week on my new blog

Should government include sustainability principles in building requirements or provide incentives for developers to build green?

Last year, Hawaii became the first state to require the installation of solar water heating systems on new single-family homes.

On the other hand several incentives exist for developers implementing technologies promoting sustainability. For instance,… Continue

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Local Foods Game Show at the HPA Student Congress on Sustainability

More at

Ahhh... trying to correctly warp the brainwaves of our youth. Assisting high school students with awakening the neural pathways to deepen understanding about how we relate to the natural environment. At least thats what I was trying to do in my workshop!… Continue

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Going Green with Andrea Dean: An interview with Forrest Arnold, EcoBroker

An interview with Forrest Arnold of Forrest is a certified EcoBroker and I spoke to him about the emergence of environmentalism in the real estate industry, what green realty is and what an EcoBroker can do for you.

Listen on my blog here.

If you are an itunes user, you can… Continue

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Maui Prince Hotel Honored 2009 Green Business Award

The Maui Prince Hotel in Makena was recently recognized by the State of Hawaii 2009 Green Business Program Award. The hotel also earned a good eco-rating for providing information to the public on specific environmental initiatives in place at the property.

During 2008, The Maui Prince Hotel recycled 560 tons of the 880 tons of waste the hotel generated, making the hotel the only property on Maui to recycle more waste than it sent to the landfill. The hotel also modified equipment… Continue

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Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares Hybrid Test Drive

Mayor Tavares is test driving the county owned converted Toyota Prius to promote cutting back on fossil fuel consumption. The plug in hybrid vehicle averaged 64 miles a gallon in April during the first month travel. (April 6 to 30, 2009) According to the report form the U.S. Department of Energy, Tavares drove 1,175 miles during 132 trips and charged the vehicle's battery 53 times.

She has spent nearly $87 driving 1,175 miles in her plug in hybrid. Going the same distance in a car… Continue

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Ban on Styrofoam

Mike Victorino, Maui Council Member introduced a bill that will require about 300 Maui resturants and other food companies to replace their styrofoam containers with biodegradable ones.

Victorino stated that members of the community and business owners will have adequate time to comment on the ban if it passes and wouldn't take effect until 2011. This will be the same year a ban on non biodegradable plastic bags will go into effect which… Continue

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Subscribe to a new podcast for and about the people who are growing Hawaii's green economy

Hi Green Hawaii Friends,

Subscribe with itunes to my new podcast

Also- if you are doing something cool in the area of sustainability in the State of Hawaii, I would love to interview you. Drop me a line.

There’s no business like green business! Hawaii's green girl, Andrea Dean interviews green business people who are successfully living and working in alignment with their eco values-… Continue

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EcoTipping Points stories


We just added a new short story to our website, about Sustainable Saunders.

And check out our in-depth Hawai'i stories:

Hanauma Bay

MA'O Organic Farm…


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Hawaii Says Aloha (Greetings) to Clean, Renewable Energy

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