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Senate reviewing bill to strengthen US ban on shark finning

The Senate is currently reviewing a bill passed by the House of Representatives voted in March which would strengthen an existing ban on shark fishing in US waters enabling more effective enforcement.

Sharks are particularly susceptible to overfishing as they are slow to mature and reproduce. Habitat damage and bycatch (accidental catch of unintended species by mass-fishing methods) pose serious threats to sharks, but the biggest threat to… Continue

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Wellness Wednesday at The Waterfront at Aloha Tower

Don't miss Wellness Wednesday every first Wednesday of the month from 5-9PM
Sponsored by Hawaii Wellness Directory
Free admission/validated parking $2 self park/$4 valet
Free demonstrations, entertainment, green technology, wellness modalities from Acupuncture
to Yoga, healthy food, wellness business networking, and much more!
394-8438 For more information

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Lo'i springs to life in Iao Valley

To see an inspiring article from July 22 go to:

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Hawea Heiau & NPS survey

Here's something I received in an e-mail recently ...


Mahalo to everyone who has contacted us regarding Hawea Heiau Complex and the wetlands below Hawea where the endangered ‘alae ula moorhens are found. Our community continues to work to make sure this sacred site will be properly preserved and protected.

Hawea Heiau is one of numerous wahi pana across our islands that are under threat of being erased from the land by the lack of proper… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/20/09)

Five weeks have passed since we've joined the Green Collar Technology training group. And to tell the truth, I was clueless as to what was going on at first. I didn't even know what Green Collar Technologies was. But over time our boss has given us an understanding about what we were doing and for what cause. Our online and offline groups work together to promote a more sustainable life style to all of Hawaii. We usually do this through blogging updates on sites (blogger, green collar… Continue

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Children's World

A revised edition of my first book, "Amazon Paradise" will be publishing soon. I am glad that I could refine my English and made corrections in the first book. Working as a professional interpreter in Tokyo for a while, my language abilities were raised up and I really appreciate all my experiences that the harsh business world has given to me.

By writing the second book (in English and Japanese both), another project was added to me.

I want to write a picture book for Children!… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/17/09)

Our fifth week is meeting it's end as the Offline team finally gets a new job offer. And the best part about it, is it's right here in Hilo town. Pretty convenient for us. So today our boss drove us (the offline and online groups) to a little coffee shop called "Just Crusin Coffee." There, our hard working offline boys will be pulling weeds around the flowerbeds for the owner, Tom. It's a nice little place to relax after a days work. The drinks are delicious and there's WiFi for those who work… Continue

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Aquaponics in Paradise

While learning about aquaponics, I discovered that there are at least 3 websites in Australlia alone, and every time I wanted to build something, I had to convert from mm to feet.

I put together a website for local people to share their knowledge regarding aquaponics.

It is located here:

If you are interested in Aquaponics specifically, please… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/14-7/15)

Updates... Updates... Updates...

Well, to start off... the Earthship seems to be coming along pretty nicely. We have the hard work and dedication of the offline team to thank for that.



The walls are up, as well as a few windows that fit perfectly between them. There's no guarantee that the Earthship will be built before the end of the program (even at the… Continue

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Save Money with Solar

Your Savings:

$5,500: Initial Cost of a quality hot water system

$1,000: MECO Rebate

$4,500: Total Cost

$1,575: 35% State Tax Credit

$1,350: 30% Federal Tax Credit

$1,575: Net cost after incentives

In two to three years, the solar hot water system pays for… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/10/09)

There was a slight change of pace on Friday for the offline and online teams. The offline boys drove down to Garden Exchange in Hilo and browsed through some prospect plant supplies that they'll later add to the greenhouse. But in order to raise the money for those supplies, we'll have to start gathering cans to turn in to the recycling center. That will probably become next week's project and we're eagerly looking forward to it.

Posted by Ashley

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/13/09)

We're finally heading into our final week of the Green Collar Tech training program. Soon everyone will go their separate ways and use the experience they've gained here for future jobs or careers. But for now we'll just have to make these last few days of work count towards our goals. And that's exactly what the offline crew is doing. Today they drove down to Nanawale to continue building the Earthship. By the time it's finished, that'll be just one more sustainable home on the Big… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/7/09)

Nothing new is happening this week for the offline team. They're helping out Joe at the Aquaculture Center almost everyday now. So until we find other activities for them to do, nothing new will be happening on their side. As for us (the online team), the situation is pretty similar. We've been doing the same thing for a while now (editing videos, posting up blogs and pictures). But this week we might do something a little different. We're not too sure on the details yet, but I'll update our… Continue

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The End of the Line Film Explores The Perils of Overfishing

“The End of the Line” film is making its rounds this summer, after debuting with much acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is raising staunch awareness about the greedy fish demand in the fishing industry. The ocean’s seafood supply is being depleted to the level where blue fin tuna is at a level close to extinction all from the world’s indulged love of sushi.

Here's the trailer:

Some alarming fish facts:

As… Continue

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Don't Dump, Donate

The next time you upgrade something or simply need to downsize, think "donate" instead of "dump."

America has long been ridiculed for being a throwaway society. On average, each one of us tosses out four and a half pounds of garbage every day, adding up to a whopping total of 245 million tons per year. A lot of that material is perfectly serviceable stuff, and could be readily used by the less fortunate.

Most towns have collection centers for used clothing,… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/2 and 7/6)

It's finally our fourth week working for Green Collar Tech. Everyone here gets along so well now. It's as if we're all part of a big family. It's too bad we don't get to see the offline crew a lot since they're always driving to Mt. View to work on the Earthship. But we always find out what they're up to and post their work here daily.

On Thursday, they drove to the Aquaculture Center (yes, again) to pick and dismantle more taro. Since we didn't have to come in on Friday, the next… Continue

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All about Green Collar Tech

What is Green Collar Technologies you ask? It's pretty much an organization that promotes education, jobs, events, and organized resources for a greener economy on the Big Island of Hawaii. We want to become a worldwide model for sustainability, but to do so we need your help! Our organization will offer you online/offline sustainability training so you may experience a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The two different types of sustainability are online (referring to… Continue

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Green Collar Technology Work Group Progress (7/1/09)

Two days ago the labor group drove to the Pacific Aquaculture & Coastal Resources Center to plant some taro. Now, they're returned and it's time for the big harvest. With the help of Joe once again, the team was able to emphasize their taro knowledge with some cutting, sorting, and replanting lessons. The whole process of preparing the taro there pretty much involves cutting off the roots and using the stem for re-growth. But by now, the group has gotten the hang of it since this is their… Continue

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Re-Use Hawaii

I happened to see a Re-Use Hawaii truck today. It had their website painted on it, so I decided to check it out. They re-use building materials to keep them out of the landfill.
Check it out
Regina Gregory
EcoTipping Points Project

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Steps to plant ID...

From an unpublished document by George Staples, 2006....

Plant identification process (use this with the Plant ID resources):

1. Sight recognition

a. Either you or a colleague knows the species on sight.

b. The species resembles something you know, allowing an educated guess as to a genus of family.

c. If you don’t recognize the family, try online interactive keys. Many dichotomous family keys are cumbersome.

2. Check your educated guess:

a. Family… Continue

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